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Do you or a loved one suffer from emotional or mental distress? Do you struggle with anxiety, depression, or attention and focus difficulties?

Are your symptoms causing problems in your life and affecting your relationships? Are you not able to achieve your career potential? Are you unsatisfied in life and want to make major positive changes? Or, are you doing well but want to optimize your life?

They may not always be blatantly obvious to others, but internal conflicts and issues can gnaw at you from the inside, leaving you frustrated and empty. Nothing can be more exasperating than to suffer through something that you feel that others cannot empathize with. If not dealt with adequately, your internal problems could begin to affect other aspects of your life, potentially ruining the people and things you hold dear. Perhaps you need to see a psychiatrist.

Welcome to my practice, you have come to the right place!

You will need answers and, more importantly, some direction in life that allows you to overcome your personal limitations and achieve much more. You might want to see a psychiatrist in Newport Beach for your issues—one who is willing to closely listen to your concerns and find a way for you to accept your problems and move past them. Our practice is ready to aid you in this journey toward self-improvement, and we have the experience and skills needed to facilitate professional therapy sessions.

Superior Psychiatric Services is a women-centric boutique practice that is dedicated to comprehensive psychiatric medical care. We provide medication therapy and management on a private, personal and confidential basis. We also treat patients in a comfortable office setting, overlooking a beautiful and peaceful garden – a quiet, therapeutic space to inspire self-improvement. Individuals who need empathetic and trustworthy therapists can rely on our practice for guidance and answers.

A fee-for-service practice, Superior Psychiatric Services provides individualized care that is not dictated by insurance companies. Patients are treated comprehensively, with consideration of the biological, psychological and social aspects of each individual. If you need a psychiatrist in Newport Beach, or nearby that can attend to your specific needs, our practice is always ready to accommodate you.

Please call or email to me today for an immediate consultation. I look forward to meeting you and making your world a happier and better place.  We are your therapist in Newport Beach, California that can help!

Superior Psychiatric Services provides its therapy services to clients throughout California. For more information on our services, you may forward your questions to our contact us page, or call us at 949-222-9922.

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