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International Academy of Law and Mental Health


We are excited that our submitted abstract and presentation to the Academy has been accepted. The 33rd congress is scheduled to take place in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 2013. Our presentation titled: “Mandatory Reporting Laws for Domestic Violence and Abuse Lacking…Why?” has been included. The IALMH is” founded on the belief … Continue reading

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Positive Attitude Promotes Well Being


I am always encouraging clients to have the most positive attitude they can. It is important to surround ourselves with happy, constructive and psychologically healthy people. It certainly makes us more happy and promotes well being! “In that aging successfully has been linked with the “positivity effect”, a biased tendency … Continue reading

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Your Brain is Involved in Everything You Do!

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Your brain is involved in everything you do. It is and controls so much of who we are. Our brain is responsible for regulating a wide variety of body functions. It controls those functions that we rarely think about like our blood pressure and heart rate to higher cognitive functions … Continue reading

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