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Being Grateful

I hear so many of my clients these days struggling with issues that come into their lives. Some are dealing with job loss and financial concerns, others with health issues and some with recent death and loss of friends and family.

Loss and hardship are indeed difficult. Especially in these times. I always encourage my clients to care for themselves extra well during tough times, surround themselves with positive and healthy people and to remind themselves daily about what they do have in their lives and what they should be grateful for.

If people or situations do not make you feel good, just limit your time with them.

It is unfortunate that we often have a tendency to see the glass half empty instead of the glass half full. And sometimes we focus on it so intensely that we forget that we have so many wonderful things in our lives. Unfortunately we often don’t enjoy all the amazing things and people we have in our life as a result.

I’m always encouraging my clients, family, friends and even myself to think about what we should be grateful for. And be sure to think of these things daily and actively. We need to remind ourselves daily about all the simple and good things we have.

We should be grateful for our health, our family our friends, our partners and children.

Each and everyone of us has our own special and unique situations to be grateful for.

Try to make a list today of all the things you love and appreciate in your life.

Remember to read your list and think about it everyday.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Alexis Meshi, MD, Psychiatrist

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