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A Therapist in Orange County Can Help Women with Postpartum Depression

Postpartum Depression psychiatrist orange county

A change in mood during the postpartum period or after the baby is born is otherwise known as the “baby blues”. During this period, the mother starts having feelings of fatigue, unhappiness, and worry. Generally, this is a normal occurrence with about 70 percent of all new mothers.

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Psychiatrist in Orange County on Tips how to Combat Low Self-Esteem

boosting self esteem

Many people of all ages suffer from having low self-esteem. This could be triggered by negative life events, abuse, discrimination, traumatic childhood experiences and many other different factors. These individuals often feel misunderstood and the generic advice of “be true to yourself” and “just focus on the positive” don’t cut … Continue reading

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Suicide Red Flags: Signs You Should Take your Loved One to a Therapist

suicidal people signs

Is your friend at risk of suicide? Even if the person has not asked for it, he may still want your help and you could be in the position to prevent something irrevocable and tragic from happening. While there’s no foolproof guide in determining whether an individual intends to take … Continue reading

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Newport Beach Psychiatrist: Learn about the 4 Common Types of OCD


Double-checking whether the door’s locked before you leave home or washing your hands thoroughly after using the toilet is normal. For people with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), however, these thoughts can be very nagging and bothersome to the point that they cause anxiety when the compulsive behavior isn’t performed again and … Continue reading

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