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Brain Boost!

Give your brain a boost by eating these 5 foods regularly.

1) Berries: I.E. Blueberries-They have been shown to be healthy for the brain. They have antioxidants that help reverse decline in neuronal signal transduction and cognitive and motor deficits. They also can increase brain cells in your hippocampus-your brain’s memory center.

2) Fatty Fish: Research has shown that older adults who eat fatty foods slow cognitive decline by 10% per year. Studies that have been done show a decreased risk of dementia, memory loss and stroke.

3) Green Tea: Has EGCG (stands for a really long chemical name!) which protects the brain, decreases protein buildup in plaque in the brain which has been associated with dementia and improves mood.

4) Dark Chocolate: Helps to prevent oxidation in the brain, which is a precursor to many neurological illnesses. And has Procyanidin which is a flavinoid. Procyanidin helps protect against inflammation and oxidation. Dark chocolate also helps boost circulation to the brain. When buying chocolate look for the percent cacao listed on the wrapper. Go for high percent dark chocolate!

5) Olive Oil: Has lots of “good fats” like omega 3-FA. You can use it on many varied types of food like salads, spread it on bread and toast. Olive oil keeps its nutrients when heated unlike other oils with Omega 3-FA. I absolutely love olive oil and use it as dressing for my salad daily.

Give your brain a boost today

Alexis Meshi, MD, Psychiatrist

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