Psychiatric Services in Newport Beach

Newport Beach Psychiatrist Explains How Bipolar Disorder is Two-Sided

Both males and females get bipolar disorder but in different forms. While males lean toward mania, females lean toward depression. This is exemplified by an increase in prevalence of eating disorders, specific phobias and even thoughts of suicide among women. On the other hand, men often exhibit frequent substance abuse.

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A Psychiatrist in Newport Beach can Help Deal with Anxiety Disorders


Everyone can get anxious every now and then, especially when presented with a situation where they are uncomfortable or unfamiliar. On the other hand, some people have anxiety that is beyond what is considered normal, or an anxiety disorder. This type of anxiety is intense, consuming, pervasive, and can interfere … Continue reading

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Newport Beach Psychiatrist on Seasonal Depression, Possible Treatments


Gray skies and a downpour is definitely a gloomy sight. Perhaps, too gloomy for others. Anyone who feels unusually sad every time it rains might be suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). As the name implies, SAD means a person’s mood drops to an all-time low during the autumn and … Continue reading

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