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Energy Essentials

SPS is glad to announce that it now offers an additional solution for assessing and treating fatigue. We have many clients who come to us for treatment that suffer from fatigue. Fatigue can certainly be secondary to depression and anxiety but there are also many medical causes as well. Often they have had a full medical workup and are frustrated when they are told that nothing was found. There is nothing more disappointing to a client than not finding a cause for their symptoms. At SPS we always do a extensive set of labwork for each new client that we start to work with. We properly evaluate and screen for the most common medical causes of fatigue.

We also now offer another method of evaluation. It is called the “Energy Essentials” test. This is a simple and easy test to run that evaluates fatigue and lack of energy from a nutrition standpoint.

Our clients love it! There is help even if traditional medical assessment has not found a cause for your fatigue.

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Alexis Meshi, MD, Psychiatrist

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