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Orange County Marriage Counseling Can Inject New Life Into Your Marriage Relationship

Marriage can be hard. It often takes a lot of work to make a marriage work. Dr. Alexis Meshi an Orange County, California psychiatrist, specializing in women’s mental health issues, can help make your marriage relationship better. You don’t have to suffer. Dr. Alexis Meshi, the head of Superior Psychiatric Services, specializes in a wide range of mental health issues including marriage counseling. Dr. Meshi wants to help you work through your marriage issues.

Marriage counseling is usually a short‑term form of therapy. Marriage counseling can help you work through specific marriage problems, and bring joy back into your relationship. Superior Psychiatric Services Orange County marriage counseling can help couples of all types and orientations recognize and resolve conflicts. If you want to improve your marriage relationship, marriage counseling can be an important step toward success. Dr. Meshi and Superior Psychiatric Services are renowned in the Orange County area for their compassionate, friendly, warm, honest, comforting, respectful, understanding and helpful care. Superior Psychiatric Services Orange County marriage counseling can help you work through a myriad of issues including, but not limited to:

• Communication issues
• Sexual difficulties
• Child rearing problems or issues with blended families
• Substance abuse
• Financial difficulties
• Anger management
• Infidelity

In some cases, treatment of unique underlying issues for one or both of the individuals in a marriage will be necessary. Dr. Meshi works with a team of specialists and can refer you to the appropriate individuals to help you with non‑psychiatric core issues that are negatively impacting your marriage relationship.

During your Superior Psychiatric Services Orange County marriage counseling sessions, you can expect to learn skills to solidify your marriage relationship. You will learn to communicate more openly with your partner, discuss how to solve problems together and open up about your differences in a rational and calm manner. You’ll take a good look at your relationship’s strengths and weaknesses and try to better understand the source of your conflicts. Superior Psychiatric Services Orange County marriage counseling sessions allows you to work on your marriage relationship in an atmosphere of trust and understanding. We strive for a holistic approach to care.

In some instances, only one partner will seek out marriage counseling. We will work with you in that case. However, we want you to realize that it is more difficult if only one partner attends marriage counseling sessions. Both of you should be invested in your marriage relationship and want to make it work.

We know that making the decision to seek marriage counseling is often difficult. Superior Psychiatric Services understands the sensitivity of the situation. We will work hard to make you and your partner feel at ease. We want you to succeed and have the best marriage relationship possible. Contact Superior Psychiatric Services today to help make that happen.

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