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How many of us spend much of our waking time thinking about finding a romantic relationship and then once found nurturing it? It seems to be almost an obsession all its own. Most would probably find it difficult to believe that romance is a fairly new creation if you will. And certainly the height to which we have all taken our obsession with it has most likely far exceeded any other time in history.

Romance is a creation. Yes, it is a brief virtual firestorm of various chemicals swirling around our head making us literally crazy. And then it goes away often as fast as it first came. What we have left is hopefully a different and deeper form of love. But this type of love is not the chemical cauldron that we all so diligently pursue and value.

Our culture is also at fault for our obsession with romantic love. Everywhere you go we are visually influenced and yes even a bit brainwashed by images and promises of all that romance brings.

We pursue romantic relationships as if our very life depends on it. And if we don’t we are often misunderstood. A beautiful woman is alone not by choice. Indeed.

How many times have we been asked if we have a boyfriend or are married? As if this accomplishment is the end all and be all of our very existence? We sacrifice and self efface and even put on an act for the world to see to not be thought alone. To be perceived as desirable and romantically involved.

Do we ever think about the consequence of buying into this sell? Of spending our precious time and effort in total pursuit of this, one could argue, poor investment? Crazy and fleeting does not a good investment make!

Solitude is a wonderous thing. And in all fairness and truth most probably the truist of all types of existence. Free from the contraints of society. Freedom to know yourself well.

You may wish to read the book: “Solitude: A Return to the Self” by Anthony Storr.

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