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Your Brain is Involved in Everything You Do!

Your brain is involved in everything you do. It is and controls so much of who we are. Our brain is responsible for regulating a wide variety of body functions. It controls those functions that we rarely think about like our blood pressure and heart rate to higher cognitive functions like empathy, for example.

It helps you function in relationships of all kinds. It makes you the mother or father that you are. It makes you who you are in romantic relationships. It makes you who you are as a brother or sister. Your brain helps and unfortunately can hinder who you are in all types of relationships.

The work we choose and enjoy is highly influenced by our brain as well. Are we using our brain effectively to acheive our goals or is our brain holding us back? What you choose to pursue for a career or job and how well you do is highly influenced by the overall health of your brain.

When your brain works well, you work well. And when it does not, neither can you!

Each one of us has both biological or genetic and environmental factors that influence levels of brain chemicals and therefore our brain function. Some of us are deficient in norepinephrine and dopamine and others in serotonin, for example.

Each person is an individual and therefore different.

What can your brain use more of? How can you balance your brain chemicals to be happier, more calm and more successful?

How can you optimize your brain function?

Come see me for a consultation. I can get you there!

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