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According to the latest available data for the U.S., suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the nation, with 90 percent of all victims having a diagnosable psychiatric disorder at the time of their demise.

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A person’s risk of committing suicide can be aggravated by several demographic and social risk factors; some demographic-related ones include being male, young, single, widowed or separated/divorced while social-related ones include unemployment, retirement and lack of social support (prevalent among the elderly, prisoners, immigrants, and the bereaved). Whatever comes, however, one thing is for certain: suicidal thoughts can be dealt with. If such thoughts are bombarding you or a loved one, here are a few tips to help you out:

Seek Help

Loved ones can only do so much, so sufferers will need to seek professional help. One common suicide driver is depression, and if no treatment for such has been administered yet, it’s time to call forth an experienced therapist from Newport Beach practices like Superior Psychiatric Services. Keep in mind that those who commit suicide almost always tend to never speak to someone about their thoughts or what they’re going through prior to the deed. The premise here is simple: eliminate the feeling of being alone.

Know That the Problem Has a Solution

If suicide presents itself as the only solution to problems, it doesn’t mean that it’s the only solution there is—answers to the problem definitely exist, they’re simply “invisible” as the intense emotional pain severely distorts logical thinking and the ability to connect to those who can help.

Keep Alcohol and Drugs Out Of it

Self-medication in a time of intense emotional crisis by virtue of drinking and doing drugs should never be done. All these substances do is temporarily provide relief, and the key word is temporary. Once their effects subside, the pain seeps in again, and the suicidal thoughts increase in magnitude.

Bottom line is, suicidal thoughts can be dealt with, provided that one has the right people with the right intentions around—relatives, friends and a professional like a trained therapist in Newport Beach. Life is precious so seek help for your problems and turn things around for the better.

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