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A Psychiatrist in Newport Beach can Help Deal with Anxiety Disorders

Everyone can get anxious every now and then, especially when presented with a situation where they are uncomfortable or unfamiliar. On the other hand, some people have anxiety that is beyond what is considered normal, or an anxiety disorder. This type of anxiety is intense, consuming, pervasive, and can interfere with everyday life. It can present itself in various forms such as phobias, panic, and PTSD. A psychiatrist in Santa Monica can help in most cases, by using a form of psychotherapy called cognitive behavioral therapy.

Anxiety Disorders treatment

Some people may not be able to handle their anxiety and are unable to function normally. When there is an anxiety disorder, there is this lingering feeling that something can and will go wrong, even though the person can’t tell what that is. This can lead them to losing appetite, sleeping excessively, breath shortage, muscle tension, and heart palpitations, among many other things.

Most cases of anxiety disorders can be successfully treated by psychiatrists through cognitive behavioral therapy, which helps people with anxiety disorders identify and learn to manage the different things that are contributing to their anxiety. Behavioral therapy aims to lessen or halt the behaviors that accompany the disorders, such as training them in relaxation if they are experiencing shallow breathing. Cognitive therapy helps patients understand how their mind is contributing to their anxiety and how to change that.

People tend to avoid anything that triggers their anxiety. If this behavior continues, then they will get increasingly frightened of them over time. It greatly helps if they are able to overcome the avoidance and learn to confront the things that are causing their anxiety. This one way that psychiatrists can help their patient, by exposing them and desensitizing them to it.

Anxiety disorders can greatly affect a person’s life, and if left on its own, it is possible that it can get even worse. This is why it’s important to identify if it is not a normal anxiety early on in order to be able to treat it right away. Those who are experiencing anxiety disorders or know someone who is should get in touch with an experienced Santa Monica psychiatrist such as those from Superior Psychiatric Services to get help with dealing and managing anxiety disorders, and everything that is accompanies it.

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