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A Psychiatrist in Newport Beach Helps Women with Mental Health Problems

According to an article on The Daily Times dated May 4, 2015, “…women are more likely than men to experience depression, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder and eating disorders.” This may just seem like some made-up belief, but there are biological and environmental factors that draw the line between men and women when it comes to mental health concerns, which is why seeking professional help from a psychiatrist in Santa Monica to remedy these concerns is crucial.

A Psychiatrist in Newport Beach

One reason as to why women tend to experience more mental health problems is hormonal differences. For example, women are said to experience more frequent fluctuations in hormone levels compared to men, which can lead to depression. Women are also said to get more involved when it comes to emotional matters such as personal relationships.

Mental health problems can be treated by psychiatrists and psychologists, as they are both experts in the field. Psychiatrists, in particular, specialize in diagnosing, treating and preventing mental health problems. They are able to perform a variety of laboratory and psychological tests combined with discussions with the patients in order to get a sense of the latter’s physical and mental state.

Psychiatrists employ a variety of treatments, one of which is psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is a method that involves a speaking relationship with the patient that aims to eliminate troubling symptoms so that the patient can get better. This may require a number of sessions over a short period of weeks or over a period of years, depending on the condition. Aside from psychotherapy, medications can be prescribed alongside it to more effectively treat mental disorders.

Medication for women can get a bit difficult if she is pregnant. While women with milder forms of anxiety or depression can stop medication, it would be better for others to stay on it. Certain medications may also be unsafe during pregnancy, which means they should seek consultation from the therapist or doctor.

Mental health problems can be solved with time and the proper treatments. Those who know someone who may need psychotherapy can get in touch with an experienced psychiatrist in Santa Monica from practices like Superior Psychiatric Services in order to seek comprehensive psychiatric medical care.

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