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Conditions Treated by a Newport Beach Therapist—A Closer Look at BPD

People with a condition known as Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) typically consult an experienced therapist in Newport Beach and elsewhere for appropriate treatment. A therapist listens to a BPD sufferer’s feelings, fears, and thoughts, allowing them to professionally assess and understand their client’s motivations. Unfortunately, for the people around an individual with BPD, recognizing the disorder and understanding their loved one may not come easy. Read on to learn how BPD affects a person’s life.

Take the story of a contributor to It Happened To Me, a special section for people who want to share details about their lives on XOJane.com. The story relays the life of a New York-based writer and editor who has Borderline Personality Disorder.

She was diagnosed when she turned 25, and she was in denial. Her psychiatrist pointed the symptoms out: substance abuse, intimacy issues, and binge eating, but she insisted on her belief that nothing was wrong. By the time she met with her second psychiatrist, she has exhibited a few more BPD symptoms: paranoia (she once thought that her friends were out to get her, and that her previous boyfriend was possibly a serial killer just for telling her he loves her a mere month into their relationship), and an unstable sense of self.

The symptoms she exhibited are pretty common. Take the instances of intimacy, for example. Borderlines (a term used to denote those with the disorder) are said to lack emotional maturity, so they tend to push away the very people they love and need. The paranoia is also true, as Borderlines tend to alternate between seeing others as absolutely with them or against them—a trait that can easily damage relationships.

MegSanity.com contributor Chris Dean once spoke with a fellow author who has BPD, and what he learned from his colleague is pretty unprecedented. He was told about two basic sides to BPD: a side where one can feel so absolutely in love with a person—multiplied by ten with frenzied desperation. Then all so suddenly, that thing changes to complete disgust nearing revulsion, also multiplied by ten and with a hint of pure hatred.

These qualities are what necessitate the aid of a skilled Newport Beach therapist from practices such as Superior Psychiatric Services. Psychotherapy is a common mode of treatment, which involves making a Borderline understand his/her thoughts and feelings better. There’s also dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), which mainly aims to address a patient’s emotional vulnerability. For optimal results, only a trained professional should carry out treatments.

BPD is a serious disorder that needs urgent medical attention. The instance you see signs of trouble in yourself or in your loved ones, it’s best to seek appropriate treatment as soon as possible.

(Source: It Happened To Me: I Have Borderline Personality Disorder, XOJane.com, November 10, 2011)

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