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Newport Beach Psychiatrist Explains How Bipolar Disorder is Two-Sided

Both males and females get bipolar disorder but in different forms. While males lean toward mania, females lean toward depression. This is exemplified by an increase in prevalence of eating disorders, specific phobias and even thoughts of suicide among women. On the other hand, men often exhibit frequent substance abuse.

Bipolar Disorder is Two-Sided

This is why bipolar disorder is a tricky lot to diagnose. Many doctors misdiagnose people with bipolar disorder, considering that the symptoms mentioned above can happen to both men and women. A Newport Beach psychiatrist like one from Superior Psychiatric Services must be careful not to mistake one for the other.

Depression vs. Mania

Depression and mania are two sides of a coin. Below are their respective signs and symptoms:


Treatments Differ

Even the ways of treating bipolar disorder differ, not just based on the symptoms themselves. Although medication—mainly a healthy lifestyle—is the same for both men and women, some drugs aren’t recommended for women. For instance, valproic acid can increase testosterone levels among females and affect ovulation.

Antidepressants are a big “no” for treating bipolar depression, considering that half of its primary symptoms involve depression, unless they’re followed up by a healthy lifestyle. Apart from these drugs, the person must follow a strict regimen of diet, exercise and relaxation techniques. This helps keep the effects of the drug to a minimum.

An effective treatment for bipolar disorder—or any mental disorder—is therapy courtesy of a psychiatrist in Newport Beach, CA. Nothing cures a person’s battered morale better than a heart-to-heart with a psychiatrist. She may not know what it feels like, but she knows enough to realize what the person is going through right that moment.

Integrative Psychiatry

The combination of medications, healthy lifestyle and expert psychiatric help form an effective coping mechanism called integrative psychiatry. This mechanism primarily uses natural healing solutions to combat certain disorders, including depressive symptoms associated with bipolar disorder. Whenever possible, some medication is still required.

For integrative psychiatry to work, a few key points must be always taken into consideration.

  • Focus on achieving happiness instead of eliminating the problem.
  • The body, mind, and the environment are one.
  • All human beings have the ability to heal themselves.
  • The psychiatrist must lead by example.
  • Every point in life is a learning opportunity.

Professionals from the likes of Superior Psychiatric Services make sure to observe these points, and in doing so, give their patients a new lease in life. Make your consultation today.

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