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Newport Beach Psychiatrist: Learn about the 4 Common Types of OCD

Double-checking whether the door’s locked before you leave home or washing your hands thoroughly after using the toilet is normal. For people with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), however, these thoughts can be very nagging and bothersome to the point that they cause anxiety when the compulsive behavior isn’t performed again and again. OCD can be classified according to the compulsion, although an individual may have more than one. Here are the 4 common types:

Newport Beach Psychiatrist Learn about the 4 Common Types of OCD

The cleaner: The person fears contamination so much that he’ll wash repetitively until he ‘feels’ (not see) that he’s clean enough. He’s afraid of filth, soiled socks, sick people, street food, dirty places—basically anything he suspects can make him unwell. He also invests in loads of cleaning products and hygiene, particularly disinfectants, to always keep his hands clean.

The arranger: This is the type obsessed with orders, patterns, and symmetry. He makes sure everything’s lined up, neatly arranged—by color, number or season, all in order to satisfy his fixation for structure. He may exhibit behaviors such as making sure canned items are all facing the same way, or that clothes are hanged perfectly, and that all books are lined according to spine, etc.

The hoarder: He is hesitant to throw things away and would compulsively keep them even if they’re completely worn out or no longer of use to him. You may find newspapers, paper and plastic bags, clothing, photographs, food, household items and many others in his collection. In some cases, the person may also feel it necessary to collect free items or always grab at a bargain opportunity.

The checker: He always feels the urge to check things for fear of danger or mistake. He does this multiple times, to the point that he turns up late for appointments. These habits may include checking locks for fear of robbery, ensuring the appliances are unplugged for fear of fire, checking his wallet or bag from time to time to make sure nothing is missing, or rereading letters to ensure he hasn’t missed or written something wrong, and many other similar behaviors.

OCD can cause significant distress and anxiety to someone who has it. It’s time consuming and causes the individual to lose focus on the more important aspects of day to day living. So extreme is the fixation that it can interfere with one’s functioning and relationships at home, school, work and others. If you or a loved one is suffering from OCD, seek a consult with a Newport Beach psychiatrist such as from Superior Psychiatric Services, who can help you break free from those unwelcomed thoughts and urges, and gain back control on your life.


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