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Psychiatrist in Orange County on Tips how to Combat Low Self-Esteem

Many people of all ages suffer from having low self-esteem. This could be triggered by negative life events, abuse, discrimination, traumatic childhood experiences and many other different factors. These individuals often feel misunderstood and the generic advice of “be true to yourself” and “just focus on the positive” don’t cut it. As any psychiatrist in Orange County or anywhere else will tell you, the problem lies deeper within the mind. Here are some tips to help yourself or anyone who need a boost in self-esteem.

Psychiatrist in Santa Monica on Tips how to Combat Low Self-Esteem

Life Check

Looking back into the past can help put your life into perspective. For some, this could be a sobering experience. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses can help you gain self-acceptance. However, dwelling too much on the negatives can put you in a worse mood. Here’s a good activity to get into: write down one of your accomplishments, one of your strengths, and one trait you like most about yourself. This daily exercise can help you boost your sense of self-worth.

Open Up

Letting people in could be difficult at first but they can help you feel more confident about yourself. For instance, having a friend or a loved one to share happy memories with or do fun activities you enjoy can be very rewarding. Going to a psychiatrist at esteemed practices in Santa Monica to express your thoughts can also help. Having friends around and people who want to help you can give you much needed support and advice.

Help Out

They say no matter how bad you think your situation may be, you’re still always luckier than someone else, somehow. While that optimism can make you feel a little better about yourself, helping out those that are less fortunate can effectively improve your self-esteem even more. According to psychiatrists, it is impossible to feel bad about yourself or be actively engaged in self-loathing while you are helping out others. This keeps your mind occupied and pushes out the negative thoughts you might have. When you lend a helping hand through charitable acts, you will feel like you are sending out positive vibes to the world. Instead of thinking “I’m in no good condition”, you can confidently say “I helped out five people today”.

Building self-esteem is all about finding support from the people who will support your development and growth. A psychiatrist from trusted practices like Superior Psychiatric Services can help you come up with more ways to build your self-confidence and change your life.



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