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Psychiatry Consultation & Second Opinion-Malibu

In medicine clients often find it beneficial to get a second opinion about their medical care. And medical professionals often recommend it! Often times clients may be feeling better but know that they are not fully optimal. They want to know what else they can be doing to get them feeling 100% better. Alot of clients are not happy with their medication regimen as it often causes side effects that many of them unfortunately tolerate. Clients may also want to learn about other treatment options besides medication to help improve their mood, make them feel more calm or help with their concentration and focus. And in alot of cases clients just want to learn more about their medications, treatment and the brain in general.

Whatever the caseā€¦most clients at some point in care could benefit from a consultation or second opinion.

We would love to help in this regard. We welcome clients to our Newport Beach office and may even extend consultation via Skype if appropriate. Please call (949) 222-9922 or email: info@superiorpsychiatric.com for more information.

Alexis Meshi, MD, Psychiatrist

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